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Kaleena Middendorf

Services Coordinator, Conference Planning & Management

Kaleena Middendorf, Services Coordinator, is responsible for monitoring all financial transactions related to each event along with closing out the events after their completion. She joined the Conference Planning and Management team in February of 2020 and has been quick to adapt the numerous changes as a result of COVID-19! Kaleena dawns prior experience from working in the road construction industry, childcare, and long-haul trucking. While these fields may seem very different from one another, Kaleena says that the skills that she has learned in each area have complimented her adventure nicely. She loves when all of the financial puzzle pieces fall into place and everything balances back to zero at the end.

In her free time Kaleena loves to travel, attend concerts and sporting events, and spend time with family and friends. She has a big heart for Ames, with her favorite time of year being Iowa State Football season! That is the only time you will find her willingly rising at 4:00am to join in on the fun with her large tailgating group comprised of both family and friends. A little known fact on Kaleena is that she competed with the Iowa State University Ballroom Dance Company when she was in high school and during college and she has the ribbons and trophies to prove it!


Favorite Ames Memory: My absolute favorite Ames memory is from Nov. 18, 2011! This was the night when Iowa State beat No. 2 Oklahoma State in double overtime. Being in the student section that night was electric, and you could feel the magic in the air! Rushing the field with all of the fans, and singing ‘Sweet Caroline’ is something that never gets old!