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Jul 27
Jul 02

Rummage RAMPage 2018

Fri / July 27, 2018 Thu / August 2, 2018
All Day / Ames Intermodal Facility, 129 Hayward Ave, Ames

The City of Ames, in partnership with the ISU Office of Sustainability, is again hosting “Rummage RAMPage,” a community sale designed to keep reusable items. The event grew from the desire to repurpose items often left on the curb during the annual move out and lease changeovers, and to keep these items out of the landfill. Rummage RAMPage works by selling items that are donated. Non-profit agencies send volunteers to help run the sale and share in any profit. The event is open to anyone to donate or shop.

Because many leases in Ames terminate at the end of July, relocating ISU students and community members often discard items that may still be useable. During these weeks, the City of Ames Resource Recovery Plant (RRP) often sees an influx of couches, wooden furniture, clothing, and more as renters attempt to meet their move out requirements, At the same time, new students moving in are often in need of furniture and household essentials. The Rummage RAMPage is a collaborative effort to pair unwanted items with others seeking low-cost options for furnishing a home.

 July 27 –  Thursday, Aug. 2 / please check days and times below:
ITEM DROP-OFF: Friday, July 27 (noon to 6 pm)
ITEM DROP-OFF and SALES: Saturday, July 28 (8 am to 6 pm)
ITEM DROP-OFF and SALES: Sunday, July 29 (10 am to 6 pm)
ITEM DROP-OFF and SALES: Monday, July 30 (noon to 6 pm)
ITEM DROP-OFF and SALES: Tuesday, July 31 (noon to 6 pm)
ITEM DROP-OFF and SALES: Wednesday, Aug. 1 (noon to 6 pm)
HALF PRICE SALES ONLY: Thursday, Aug. 2 (noon to 4 pm)