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CyRide Is Fare Free for All on Election Day

In an effort to increase participation on Election Day, the Transit Agency Board of Directors voted recently to make CyRide fare free on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

“Transit agencies in Iowa and across the country have offered fare-free rides to passengers to ease access to voting in their communities, so we’re excited that CyRide will be involved this year,” said CyRide Director Barbara Neal. “We hope this encourages residents to exercise their right to vote and makes it easier to get to the polls.”

Systems allowing fare-free rides this year include DART in Des Moines, the Iowa City transit systems, and Metro Transit in Council Bluffs, among many others. CyRide, as well as Dial-A-Ride, a paratransit service provided by HIRTA, will be fare-free for all riders on Tuesday.

The Transit Agency Board of Directors oversees CyRide, the city bus system for Ames. CyRide is a collaboration between the City of Ames, Iowa State University (ISU), and ISU’s Student Government. ISU students pay to use CyRide each semester through student fees. An adult fare is $1. Reduced fare of $0.50 is charged for kindergarten through 12th grade students, Medicare cardholders, those 65 or older, and those with a disability.

For more information about CyRide, including routes and fares, go to

Susan Gwiasda, Public Relations Officer, 515.239.5204,
Christine Crippen, CyRide Assistant Director of Operations, 515.239.5563,

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