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YSS and Iowa Youth – New Adolescent Addictions Treatment Program Launched

YSS, headquartered in Ames, launches new adolescent addictions treatment program in Mason City. Here is a message from President & CEO Andrew Allen:

Hello Friends – As many of you know, I’m one of more than 5,000 YSS Alumni who have received intensive residential addiction treatment, helping me get sober more than 22 years ago. Today, the opioid and addiction epidemic are taking the lives of our youth at an alarming rate. Families are without hope. Kids are dying. And despite 1 in 6 of us having a substance use disorder, the stigma around addiction still exists.

To meet the growing need, today Governor Kim Reynolds will help YSS cut the ribbon on Iowa’s newest adolescent residential addiction treatment program as we open our North Iowa Campus:

We need your help. Here’s how you can be a champion for recovery:
Advocate: remind people that addiction is a disease (not a moral failing), and that substance use disorder is treatable (#treatmentworks and #recoveryispossible)
Give YSS a positive review; it’s a small gesture but may help assure a family who would otherwise look for help out of state: Google; Facebook
You likely know a family (or will) struggling with substance abuse…invite them to learn more by sharing the email below, our website (, or give them my personal cell (515-291-5684)
Pick an item from our wish list to support the transition for youth entering our program here: My Registry

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