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Megan Filipi

Sports & Leisure

Megan Filipi, Sports and Leisure Sales and Services Coordinator, gets to coordinate sporting events, camps, and youth competitions in the Ames area and assists in bringing those events to the community. Megan actually started with the CYtes team in 2012 as an intern while pursuing her degree in Event Management from Iowa State. She loves being active and seeing months (sometimes years!) of planning come together in a final successful event, so her role at the Bureau is a perfect fit.

When she’s not active at work, she’s active out of the office running, boating, doing puzzles, working on craft projects, and spending time at the family cabin.

What makes Megan a Cyclone Fan: I was born and raised in a Cyclone family. We never missed a home football game; as a child I would sleep in a sleeping bag under their seats. There was never a fall Saturday that wasn’t dedicated to Iowa State football, we have a separate red and gold Christmas tree, and no plans were ever to be made the week after Christmas “just in case” Iowa State made a bowl game. You could say Iowa State is in my blood.