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Danfoss Recognized with Community Award by Ames Convention & Visitors Bureau

Danfoss Power Solutions was recently recognized with the Ames Convention & Visitors Bureau (Bureau) Community Involvement Award, as part of the Bureau’s 2018 Annual Meeting. The Community Award is an annual recognition given to individuals or organizations who make an impact on the visitor and travel industry in Ames and Iowa State University.

 “Our success is totally dependent upon the hospitality of Ames and Iowa State University organizations and the people behind them. We want to recognize those organizations that make Ames and Iowa State University an amazing destination because of the hospitality and genuine service they provide when visitors and meeting attendees are here”, said Julie Weeks, President & CEO of the Bureau. “We are pleased to recognize Danfoss for their ongoing efforts to bring guests and visitors to the Ames community.”

“Being a global company, we have a steady flow of colleagues, customers and suppliers coming to our Ames facility to collaborate and partner with our business, and to see our products in action,” said Julie Newell, Sr. Plant Director. “For a second consecutive year, our Ames facility will host an event April 11-13 – the National Fluid Power Association (NFPA) Fluid Power Vehicle Challenge – which will bring 13 teams from leading engineering colleges and universities across the United States to compete on our Applications Development Center’s test track. We are proud of our community and enjoy the many opportunities we have throughout the year to show our visitors the people and places that make Ames a great place to be. We also take great pride in our efforts of giving back to the local community through our donations and charitable giving.”

The Ames Convention & Visitors Bureau partners with Danfoss to provide hospitality and visitor services to Danfoss guests, employees, and state, national and international visitors.

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(left to right): Peggy Sheehan, Danfoss; Jennifer Seaton, Danfoss; Allyson Walter, Ames Convention & Visitors Bureau; Mary Bryan, Danfoss; Larrianne Spitzer, Danfoss)


The Ames Convention & Visitors Bureau is a member-based organization, supported by hotel/motel tax. The Bureau builds economic activity in the Ames area by recruiting visitors to the community for sports and recreational events, conferences, conventions, group tours and special events. For more information about opportunities for groups, organizations or associations to host a sports or leisure event, meeting, conference, group tour or other event in the Ames area, please call 515.232.4032 or go online to

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